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Command line utilities


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Convolver comes with a number of command line utilities that are used mainly for testing, but may have wider application.  They can be found in C:\Program Files\Convolver\Convolver

They are not maintained quite as frequently as Convolver itself.

runs successive optimum attenuation calculations with different partition number values and so can be used determine the optimum number of partitions for a particular filter.
convolverCMD convolves a filter with a sound file off line so you can test manually what effect your filter has on a known wav file, for example.
convolverPipe is similar to convolverCMD but filters from stdin to stdout, so that it can be used with SlimServer, for example.
makeIR generates a wav file from a text file specification. This can be used to generate impulse response files manually.
Compares two wav files and outputs the difference to a third wav file.
generate_dirac_delta  <SamplesPerSec> <Channels> <Silence>
will generate a Perfect Dirac Delta function wav file, sample rate SamplesPerSec, with Channels channels, and Silence trailing 0s.

The utilities provide fairly rudimentary diagnostics.

They need the .dll files in C:\Program Files\Convolver\Convolver to be in the current directory, or your path.


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