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convolverCMD nPartitions nTuningRigour fAttenuationDB config.txt|IR inputwavfile.wav outputwavfile.wav

convolverCMD convolves inputwavfile.wav with the filter specified in config.txt (or audio file file IR) to produce outputwavfile.wav.  So you can test manually what effect your filter set has on a known audio (eg, wav) file.  nPartitions, nTuningRigour and fAttenuationDB are as explained on the convolverWMP usage page.  Try 0 1 0 initially, for example.

Some typical output:

C:\>convolvercmd 0 1 -6 Bformat.txt sawin.wav saw.wav
Using overlap-save convolution
Input file format: Stereo WAV (Microsoft) 44.1kHz 441000 frames
Filter format: 8 Paths (Stereo to 4-channel direct) 44.1kHz 32768 taps Lag 0.37s
Estimated gain 6dB Peak gain 22dB
Optimum attenuation: -9.7dB calculated in 282ms
Using attenuation of -6dB (ie, scaling factor of 0.5)
Convolved and wrote 458752 frames to saw.wav in 368ms (ie, at 28 times real time)

This uses an attenuation of -6dB to normalize the filter's (Bformat.txt) estimated gain.

Peter Fischer has provided a demonstration of the use of convolverCMD to generate panned binaural sound.


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