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Using Convolver with ZoomPlayer Pro

The following instructions describe configuration using ConvolverWrapper.  In practice, you will probably want to use the ConvolverFilter which is equivalent, but allows different input and output formats (number of channels, sample rate, etc) to be used.  (In fact ZoomPlayer Pro may also be able to work with ConvolverWMP too, as it recognises DMOs!)

  1. Install Convolver and ZoomPlayer Pro and run ZoomPlayer Pro
  2. There are two ZoomPlayer modes (Music / Media and DVD). Taking them in turn:

Music / Media mode

  1. Play a CD or MP3 or other media type for which you want to configure Convolver. The following walkthrough assumes MP3.
  2. Right click on ZoomPlayer and select Filter Properties and then Graph Information.  You will be presented with a list of filters.  Remember the audio Decoder filter that is being used.  You will need to add Convolver Wrapper to the graph after that decoder.
  3. Close the Graph Information window and hit Ctrl-O, for Options / Setup
  4. Select Advanced Mode
  5. Select Filter Control
  6. Select the Customized Media Playback tab and check Enable Customized Media Playback:
  7. On the Settings & Renderers tab, make sure that the Use Indirect Connect and, optionally, Show Customized Media Graph creation Errors checkboxes are disabled. Select from the rendering filters and devices under the checkboxes. (The defaults may be OK.). The selected renderers will override any selection you made on the Standard Media Playback tab, However, you should set the renders on both the Standard and Customized media playback modes to the same values (in case Customized Media Playback fails and drops to Standard mode)
  8. Click on the Audio & Video Decoders Sub-Tab. You will be presented with two lists. One for Audio Decoders and one for Video Decoders. Double clicking on any item in either list will open its configuration dialog.
  9. Configure the audio format which you want to convolve (eg,the MPEG Layer 3 Decoder for MP3).
  10. Click Add Filter and select Convolver Wrapper (and then OK):
  11. Select the Convolver Wrapper:
  12. ... and Filter Properties.  This will lead a pause of a minute or two while Convolver tunes itself for your system. Your patience will be rewarded by a window like the following:
  13. Get the config (text file specifying a set of filter paths) that you want to use.  (See the main page for more details.)
  14. Calculate the optimum attenuation for your filter paths. This too will take a short while.
  15. Click OK. and Close the Advanced Options.
  16. Close ZoomPlayer and restart it.
  17. Play the media that you originally selected.  You should be able to right click on ZoomPlayer and select Filter Properties. Convolver Wrapper should appear on the list.  If you select Graph Information you should see something like:
  18. You are done!

DVD mode

  1. The filter setup for this mode is independent of the Music / Media mode setup.
  2. First create a text file called ConvolverWrapper.filterdata in C:\Program Files\Zoom Player\DVDAutoGraph with the following 2-line contents:

    You can also try ConvolverFilter.filterdata:

    AudioFilter(Name=ConvolverFilter,CLSID={2A0F29DC-2C05-4716-9522-3618687EAA5F},InPin=XForm In,OutPin=XForm Out)

    or ConvolverWrapperDMO.filterdata:

    AudioFilter(Name=ConvolverWrapper DMO,CLSID={6105E395-1C5A-4B3E-9701-FB71C2523AB6},DMOID={47427372-7AED-4E37-ABEB-7BD64C4184BF},InPin=Input,OutPin=Output)

    Suitable files to be copied to C:\Program Files\Zoom Player\DVDAutoGraph can be found in C:\Program File\Convolver\Convolver

  3. Start ZoomPlayer Pro and switch to DVD mode (F10)
  4. Right clock on ZoomPlayer and select options/setup (Ctrl-O) and DVD and the DVD Setup tab.
  5. Under Additional Filters select Add to get:
  6. Double click on ConvolverWrapper to get the following, after ensuring that the Decoders and Renderers that you want to use are selected:
  7. Click on the C next to Audio Decoder to set the number of channels to be produced:
  8. Click on the highlighted C next to Additional Filters (Add Button Below) to configure Convolver Wrapper. It may take a minute or two for Convolver to tune itself to your system.  Your patience will be rewarded with something like:
  9. Select a config file (see main page) that corresponds to the number of channels and sample rate that your Audio Decoder generates.
  10. Calculate the optimum attenuation (there will be a pause while this happens).
  11. Click OK and Close the Advanced Options dialogue.
  12. Restart ZoomPlayer (seems to be required sometimes).
  13. Play a DVD of your choice.
  14. Right click on Zoom Player and select Filter Properties. Convolver Wrapper should appear on the list.  Select Graph Information and you should get something like the following:
  15. You are done!


If you get something like

followed by

it is likely that you selected a Convolver filter configuration that does not match the output of your Audio Decoder.  Check the number of channels and sample rate that Convolver is using by going into ZoomPlayer's Options | DVD Setup | Additional Filters (C) dialogue (with ConvolverWrapper selected).


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